Owl Decide

An App That Makes Decision-Making a Hoot!

Whether it's picking a place for lunch, deciding who has to do a chore, or deciding which artisanal lettuce you want on your hipster sandwich, some decisions just aren't easy. Moberto the Owl is here to help you decide once and for all!


  • Yes or No - Some answers are best left to fate. When you just need a yes or no answer, Owl Decide can give you guidance.
  • Pick One - It can be hard to choose amongst multiple options. The "Pick One" feature lets you input all your options, and then have Moberto choose one at random. You can even weight choices before getting a decision.
  • Pick a Number - Whether you need a number between 1-10, or 6-135, Moberto's got you covered and can quickly generate a random number between any interval.
  • Dice - Quickly and easily roll multiple (up to a dozen) dice at once on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Spinner - Around and around Moberto spins; where he lands, you'll soon know. Owl Decide's "Spinner" feature lets you quickly hone in on a random person or item in a circle.